About Alden Schofield

Alden Schofield has always been interested in art since his youth.  Although his time painting was limited during his 45 year career as a Computer Technical Engineer and Software Business Director. Since retiring in 2012, he is now concentrating fully on his art career. After moving from Boston to Maryland in 2012, he was able to find the Compass Atelier art program. This program is a “Masters of Art” three year Certificate program which Alden completed in 2017. This program provided the missing concepts and enhancements in understanding color, anatomy, classic styles of the old Masters, up to the present to provide the needed emphasis to develop the style of painting that he so eager to develop.

Alden uses his interest in photography to develop compositions from his pictures from around the World. His paintings are generally about the outdoors in natural settings in all forms. From ocean scenes, classic landscapes, animals, to simple scenes of interesting people doing their daily routines. Alden explores the senses one gets when observing such scenes. Looking to encapsulate those feelings, also to stir up those feelings of past memories. Alden basic roots were ingrained at an earlier age with the many pictures the Hudson River School artists that truly inspired him with their detailed majestic and romanticized style of painting. His painting are similar to the Hudson River artist in the sense that they lean toward realism and generally have earthy color tones with luminous lighting surrounding an exciting composition. His art work is already in private collections. His work has been juried and sold throughout the Washington, DC. metropolitan area. Alden is a certified copyist at the Washington, DC. National Gallery of Art for which he is extremely honored.