I have always been inspired by art, drawing and painting, however, my pathway to art was a journey delayed. My professional career began in the military and took me through the computer industry, starting as a technician and leading me to the title of Business Director for World Wide Software Support for a global database company. Despite this, I always found time to continue my artistic pursuits. After retiring in 2012, my wife and I moved from the Boston area to Derwood, Maryland, and I turned my focus full-time to my artistic interests. I discovered the Compass Atelier Certificate Program, and was able to begin the advanced study of oil painting by enrolling in this immersive curriculum. This program covers all the Masters painting techniques, with intensive study in art history, anatomy and color theory. It also opened the door to becoming a copyist at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., which is an honor I truly cherish.

Since entering into this program I have captured countless images around the world that I use to inspire my work. In addition, I have always been inspired by the the Hudson River School of artists. My paintings focus on nature and are composed to encapsulate tranquil and serene settings for the viewer. My work centers on seascapes and landscapes, often containing water and/or rock formations, with interesting backgrounds and unique luminous lighting. A goal is to try and explore the viewer’s feelings, tapping into the emotions that a person feels when observing interesting and sublime naturalistic scenes. Nature, more than anything else, has been the constant in my artistic career, pulling at me to put my thoughts and emotions onto canvas. My paintings tend to lean toward realism while incorporating softly blended vibrant colors with a luminous touch. It is my hope that my work provides the viewer with the same feelings and memories that I have when first viewing the setting in nature. I have exhibited and sold my works throughout the metropolitan Washington D.C. area.